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Don, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did photographing our wedding. I took the photo album to Christmas dinner and received so many compliments on the quality of your work! It makes my heart happy to look through the beautiful photos you captured on our special day!

I teach photography classes all over the world and wanted you to know that we took a long look at your galleries and love what you have posted there.  You are a very talented photographer with a considerable range of subjects and techniques.  Your work does you credit and is a delight for others.

Don, I have watched all our kids get married now, and I have to say that even though we had other professional photographers do the other weddings before we heard of you, there is absolutely no comparison to the imagery you created as compared to the other photographers.    It was simply outstanding - you are definitely way above the other photographers.
-Buddy in AL

Joy & Ryan - enjoyed all your pictures - what a delightful day & memories! Thanks again for sharing! Your photographer was so good about taking so many pictures that beautifully showed you both, your wedding party, your family & friends - people are the most important - far more important than things - very wise photographer! In years to come - you will cherish these even more.
- Love - Aunt Sandy

Kudos! As a master photographer, I must confess that I hit your website in error, but it was a mistake I really enjoyed.; You shoot the standard shots well, but you have other pictures that go beyond capturing the moment to capturing the spirit.  Great work.
- Thank you! - Frank

Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding. You and Joy MADE our day. It was amazing how much you guys helped us stay relaxed on our special day.We would heartily recommend you guys to anyone!
- Emily in SC 

From the bottom of my heart and through my tears of joy - thank you so very much for making our daughter and new sons special day (our families special day) even more special by your presence and quality of professional work in capturing the tender moments!!
-Debbie- in SC

Wow, I checked out your website and I LOVE the photography! It has a unique freshness I have not seen before!
-Rachel- in SC

You guys are so creative! We could not believe all the ideas you would come up with on the spur of the moment! Amazing!
-B- in SC 

We love our images and will recommend your team to anyone. My grandma didn't even know there was a photographer present until after the wedding!
-Jim in TN

Our wedding images were stunning! I had no idea I was crying until Isaw our pictures. Thank you so much! "
-Charlotte in TN

We love our wedding pictures! You really captured our emotions so well.Thanks again!
-Bill in NC

Thank you so much for working with us. We are so happy you suggested going outside for a few minutes - wow what a picture!
- Tim in SC

I can't express how pleased we all were with the wedding coverage, itwas simply outstanding! I don't know how you guys can come up with so many creative ideas!
- Jennifer in SC

Our kids had a blast during our family session. They will be talking about the fun for quite a while. Thanks so much for making pictures so fun!
- Brenda in SC

Thanks so much for sharing our friends wedding pictures with us. Theywere wonderful. We so wish we had used you guys on our wedding - as our photographer was a disaster
- D in SC